Villa Mirano offers to it's guests the ultimate in the Western riding. Do you love horses? Do you want to go hiking or walking in the area? Even more days? Do you want to organize a clinic to deepen your knowledge of Western riding? The structure of Jacopo Ranch us subsidiary (located approximately 1 km from Villa Mirano) spread over more than 20,000 square meters of total area.

The ranch has a large indoor arena 80x25 meters with lighting for night events. Outside another big arena with sea sand for competitions and training. The whole structure is illuminated to allow you to be operational even at night. On the sides of the arenas extend two large barns suitable to ospitre up more than 60 horses. At the center of the structure, the club house with bar and veranda where in the hot season is mounted the pool and all the structures where customers spend their Sundays in hot Summer. The whole area is fenced, your children can play freely and safely.

Villa Mirano is able to organize any type of event related to the world of western horse. We can also arrange for you birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties in the clubhouse of the stables.

The Western Riding School, Team Penning, Cow Horse

For sports fans, thanks to the collaboration of experts Coach of Jacopo Ranch, we organize intensive clinic of varying duration of western riding, Cow Horse, Team Penning and Ranch Sorting. Learn to ride thanks to our coach. Lessons can be geared to competition or for pleasure. The school of the Western Riding Jacopo Ranch prepares tiered.

And for those who never got on a horse, and there had never been approached but also for those who must prepare for the races. A team of instructors from Europe, Western training, professional care of the horse, technique and strategy of team penning but also lessons on how to safely trekking excursions. The presence of cattle in the herd, it also provides lessons with the cattle on the specialties of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting.

Lessons can be made either with your own horse which can be housed in the stable or with the horses of the school, all quarter horse selected for their specific skills related to the purpose; transform anyone in a champion.

The team of Jacopo Ranch participates in several championships at both regional and national and European level. Penners compete to all special events level. Once prepared anyone with an appropriate competitive spirit can subscribe to the races and try to win them

The summer camps at Jacopo Ranch

Do you want to spend your kids a special treat? Here "One summer in good hands." Turn your kids into accomplished cowboys and cowgirls, sport and entertainment to the Summer Camps of Jacopo Ranch.

Born almost 10 years, thanks to the experience of Patrizia and Giacomo, the Centers are the first campus made in Piossasco. Allowed to the boys / girls aged 6 to 16 years. Immersed in the reality of the ranch, your children will learn all about the management of the horse, how to saddle, how to take care, but also all the maintenance and management of the stables. They will also learn all the techniques of Western riding safely and with the guarantee of the quality of the final result thanks to long years of experience of our coaches, Giacomo and Patrizia, all in an environment ideal for sports, with the horse great protagonist.

The experience of the summer centers Jacopo Ranch is a wonderful opportunity to meet boys with an organization that developed with great attention to every detail by the staff of the ranch, which offers the widest guarantees both on sports than on training.

Next to the main activity that is always linked to the world of western riding, kids can have fun in the pool, play football and for the little ones is available to the playground with the inflatable slide. The lunch break is enhanced by an ever-changing menu and tantalizing thought for them.

The kids can spend hours relaxing thanks to fun activities that every day will be presented by the staff style "holiday village" with disco, pool, games and theme parties. Families have the opportunity to choose the most convenient weekly period between mid-June and late August. On request you can use the service in September. At the end of the week then, for those who want it, you have the ability to put into practice what you have learned by participating in the final Gymkhana. 

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These are just some of the many services available to customers of Jacopo Ranch

  • Club House
  • Free access to all facilities
  • Training of the horse
  • Western riding lessons
  • Lessons agonistic Team Penning and Ranch Sorting
  • Use of cattle for workout
  • Clinic and courses
  • 2 stables including one indoor
  • Excursions
  • Summer camps for children and teens
  • Children's playground
  • Maintenance, repair and greasing harness
  • Saddlery place reserved
  • Hire a horse replacement
  • Summer swimming pool
  • Insurance
  • Membership SEF-ITALY
  • Participation in the life of the ranch, parties, barbecues, events, dinners etc.
  • Consulting and discounts on equipment westerns