From the Alps to the plains, from wine growing areas to lakes, from medieval villages to Baroque architecture: Piedmont offers a great variety of landscapes, with countless attractions and tourist destinations, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For those who love to pedal, discovering this region in all its evocative beauty aboard their bike can be even more exciting. In this article we show you some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Piedmont, from cycling routes in the Langhe to the Avigliana lakes!

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If you are an experienced cyclist and are interested in cycle tourism in Piedmont, the Langhe can certainly be for you. The Langhe are a Piedmontese area known throughout the world for their food and wine treasures: wine, hazelnuts and the white truffle of Alba. Passing through evocative landscapes such as vineyards, hazelnut groves, small medieval villages and woods, one captures the authentic soul of this land, where nature, literature and history are intertwined.

Bar to Bar: track Alba – Barbaresco - Treiso

The Bar to Bar route (from Barbaresco to Barolo) is a 124 km loop circuit that winds its way through the territories of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. Since it is a long and demanding route, which you will hardly be able to do in a single day, in this article we will only present you part of the itinerary, the one that climbs from Alba to Treiso passing through the beautiful village of Barbaresco. If you are not very trained and the ups and downs of the hills scare you, you can rent e-bikes in the area and recharge them along the way at the appropriate stations.

Lenght: 16 km
Time: about 3 h
Difficulty: hard

The Trail

  • From Alba in via Cherasca, turn left into Via Barbaresco and follow the road for about 300 m
    Take the uphill dirt path adjacent to a fenced property
  • When you reach a wooden staircase, take your bike by hand and once you get to the top, turn left onto an asphalted road
  • Once you arrive at the La Meridiana farmhouse, take the dirt road uphill and continue
  • Take the slope on the right up to the asphalted road
  • Near the last house, take a dirt road fork to the right and take the descent through the woods to the Seno d’Elvio stream
  • Cross the bridge and continue on the road for two kilometers, then turn right up to Cascina Pagliuzzi
  • Continue until you reach another bridge over the Rio Sordo and then up to the small station of Barbaresco (today a winery)
  • Take via della Stazione to the Chapel of San Teobaldo
  • Take the path on the left until you reach the village of Barbaresco (here a visit to the village and the famous Tower of Barbaresco is a must)
  • From Barbaresco, take via Cavazza (next to the Regional Enoteca), cross the provincial road and go down towards the Montestefano hamlet
  • Arrived at the first house, turn left where a steep descent begins
  • Once in Cascina Principe, turn left up to the provincial road
  • Take the climb towards Cascina Montà and continue to the right of the farmhouse towards the top of San Cristoforo
  • Go down towards the provincial road, turning left shortly before into a path that descends steeply on the provincial road
  • Turn left and take the first fork on the right, cross a bridge and turn right into the lane
    When you reach Cascina Castellizzano at the top of the hill, take the paved road and reach the Chapel of San Stefanetto
  • Turn left until you reach the hamlet of Bongiovanni, a historic hamlet of Treiso.

For more information on this route and for the directions for the complete Bar to Bar route, consult


To pedal and get to know other magical places in the Langhe by bike, we recommend the Barolo trails, of different length and difficulty. In this way you will have the opportunity to take more time to visit the villages of the Bassa Langa such as Barolo, La Morra, Monforte and many others. To find out about all the paths that pass through the different villages of the Langhe and evaluate what is best for you, contact the tourist offices in the area.

Between one ride and another, why not stop to taste some of the fine wines of this area? The red wines Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Dolcetto are the undisputed protagonists of this area.


Just ten km from Turin, we find the Reggia di Venaria. Adjacent to it is the beautiful Parco della Mandria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With an area of ​​approximately 3000 hectares, this oasis of meadow and forest is home to numerous species of wild animals such as deer, foxes, horses and wild boars. In addition to natural beauty, the park is embellished with period residences and farmhouses, such as the Castello della Mandria and the Villa dei Laghi. The park's cycling route alternates dirt roads and asphalted roads. Being all flat, the route is particularly suitable for families with children and no special equipment is required. This route is the right choice for those who want to combine a visit to the majestic Royal Palace of Venaria with a sporting experience and thus appreciate the natural beauty of the park. If you and your family do not have a bicycle, there is no problem: you can in fact rent it inside the park.

Station of Venaria Reale - Parco della Mandria
Lenght: 36 km
Tipe: 2/3 hours
Difficulty: easy

The Trail

  • Departure from the Venaria Reale train station
  • Turn left towards the historic center and take via Mensa and follow it all the way up to the Royal Palace
  • Continue along the Royal Palace on the left and cross the first street
  • Turn onto the tree-lined avenue up to the entrance to the Park
  • Proceed along the path to the Bizzarria, an ancient hunting garrison of the Savoy

Within the park it is possible to choose different cycling routes, some more suitable for mountain bikes, others also for racing bikes. There are also refreshment points and picnic areas.

For more information on the Parco della Mandria, visit the website


For those looking for cycle paths in Piedmont near Turin, but far from city stress, the Avigliana Lakes are the right choice. The cycling itinerary around the lakes is made up of protected paths and cycle paths and does not have any challenging slopes, which makes it particularly suitable for families with children. Given the beauty of the surrounding nature and the beautiful views of the lake, you can't help but stop to take some suggestive photos. Also for animal lovers these two lakes are particularly interesting, given the large presence of birds such as cormorants, gray herons and mallards.

Avigliana lakes ring trail
Lenght: 12 km
Time: about 1 hour
Difficulty: easy


  • It starts from Lago Piccolo and follows the path along the lake up to the locality "Case Mer"
  • Cross the provincial road to Giaveno and take via Monginevro up to the “Fraz. Grignetto"
  • Return to the protected area and descend on Via Monte Pirchiriano
    At the junction with Via Monte Capretto, turn left and exit the protected area right onto Via Pontetto
  • Once on Corso Laghi, turn left and take the first fork on the right uphill, then turn right and right again onto Via Micheletta
  • Take Via dei Pellegrini to Borgata Sada (above the point where you started)

For those who want to pedal not only on land, but also on the water, it is possible to rent a pedal boat and in the summer season to swim in the Great Lake. Fun for young and old is guaranteed!

For more information on this route and for the indications of the circular route, consult the website

Turist Office Websites in Piedmont

For more information on cycle routes and cycle tourism itineraries in Piedmont, we recommend that you consult the sites of the local tourism offices.


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